Climate Change Mitigation: In Pursuit of the Common Good

Session Date: 
May 15, 2015

Climate Change has become a defining problem threatening the future well being of humanity and the ecosystems. We find ourselves in this precarious position largely because scientific knowledge has not yet lead to timely actions to mitigate the pollution. I will first provide the scientific foundation for the link between atmospheric pollution and climate change. I will then get into the thorny ethical issues such as how most of the pollution is due to unsustainable consumption by just one billion while the worst consequences of climate change will be experienced by the poorest three billion as well as by generations to come in the future. It is still not too late to prevent unmanageable warming and protect humanity provided there is a fundamental change in our attitude towards nature and towards each other. World’s faith leaders can bring about such a change and I will conclude with promising efforts towards this goal that are being undertaken by a leading group of natural and social scientists under the leadership of the Vatican and Pope Francis.