The Museum of Primatology (MOP) curates skeletal collections of old and new world primates for education and research on human origins. Our collections provide students and researchers the ability to learn about and compare skeletal morphology across primate species to determine which traits are truly unique to humans. MOP's collections consist primarily of specimens of macaques (Macaca mulatta), chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes from the Primate Foundation of Arizona collection), and humans (Homo sapiens), three primates species of the infraorder Catarrhine (old world monkeys and apes).  Other skeletal samples include Strepsirrhines (prosimians) and Platyrrhines (new world monkeys). 

Humans (KEN) Chimpanzees (PFA)

Extensive cataloging and 3D digitizing of the collections is currently underway and will include a fully integrated online database serving as a research portal for students and scientists.  See digital tools for more information.