Leave Your Legacy

The life of the planet is long and our time on it is short. Leave your mark by including CARTA in your estate planning, ensuring that the curiosity and conversations you enjoy persist long into the future.

Estate Planning

Before you meet with your attorney, please take a look at UCSD's free Personal Estate-Planning Guides. These guides will help you to compile the information you'll need to begin this important conversation with your attorney, saving you time and money.

Other Ways to Give

IRA Charitable Rollover or Qualified Charitable Distribution gift, which is a way to make a gift to us now (if you are 70.5 years old or older) and which can take the place of your IRA or 401K’s required minimum distribution.

Leave a Legacy Gift

If you are interested in making a legacy gift, and are unsure about what type to consider in your situation or where to get started, please complete the form below, OR email Jesse Robie to connect you with appropriate resources.

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