Public Symposia

CARTA organizes free public symposia addressing particular aspects of human origins and uniqueness and features presentations by scientists, eminent in their respective fields. The presentations are specifically directed towards researchers in other fields and an educated lay audience, while minimizing the use of jargon and highlighting clear and simple messages.

The location of CARTA symposia rotates between the Salk Institute and the UC San Diego campus and medical school. These symposia draw live audiences of up to 800 people and are accessible across the globe via live webcast. Each presentation is video recorded and later broadcast by UC-TV before being archived at the CARTA website, the UCSD-TV site, iTunes and YouTube. Viewership of these videos is escalating as more videos come online and awareness of CARTA increases.

CARTA's goal is to ensure that these symposia remain free to attend and view online. However, to assure this sustainability and accessibility, we invite you to learn about our sponsorship opportunities and associated benefits and consider sponsoring a CARTA symposium. Your support has the potential to reach and forever impact a highly intelligent national and international audience.

Upcoming Symposia