Toward a smart architecture of habitats in the age of human-AI symbiosis in an eco-aware world

Session Date: 
Oct 11, 2024

The mass production of steel and ferroconcrete supported the advent of skyscrapers and their role as symbols of progress and advancement in various parts of the world. This evolutionary trend has continued at an unprecedented pace with industrial and technological discoveries and the consequent cultural transformations in people and their habitats within cities and beyond. 

The integration of computers, IoT devices, and artificial intelligence (AI) supports the development of intelligent/smart buildings where specific levels of automation can be tailored to every building type of use and occupancy. This talk will emphasize smart architecture as being based on insights into how buildings may affect human well-being whether or not novel technology is employed. This involves a critical assessment of when and where AI and related technologies should be incorporated into the built environment. A complementary concern is with how AI will affect the way humans see their place in their social and “natural” worlds , when we can no longer see humans as the only possessors of “intelligence.” In particular, we explore how today’s concepts of smart buildings could go hand in hand with an eco-friendly yet human-centered architecture.