Dynamics of DNA Methylation in Recent Human and Great Ape Evolution

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Publication Type: Journal Article
Authors: Hernando-Herraez, Irene; Prado-Martinez, Javier; Garg, Paras; Fernandez-Callejo, Marcos; Heyn, Holger; Hvilsom, Christina; Navarro, Arcadi; Esteller, Manel; Sharp, Andrew J.; Marques-Bonet, Tomas
Year of Publication: 2013
Journal: PLoS GenetPLoS Genet
Volume: 9
Issue: 9
Pagination: e1003763 -
Date Published: 2013/09/05
Publication Language: eng

Differences in protein coding sequences between humans and their closest relatives are too small to account for their phenotypic differences. It has been hypothesized that these differences may be explained by alterations of gene regulation rather than primary genome sequence. DNA methylation is an important epigenetic modification that is involved in many biological processes, but from an evolutionary point of view this modification is still poorly understood. To this end, we performed a comparative analysis of CpG methylation patterns between humans and great apes. Using this approach, we were able to study the dynamics of DNA methylation in recent primate evolution and to identify regions showing species-specific methylation pattern among humans and great apes. We find that genes with alterations of promoter methylation tend to show increased rates of divergence in their protein sequence, and in contrast we also identify many genes with regulatory changes between human and chimpanzee that have perfectly conserved protein sequence. Our study provides the first global view of evolutionary epigenetic changes that have occurred in the genomes of all species of great apes.

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