Patterns of neural stem and progenitor cell division may underlie evolutionary cortical expansion.

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Publication Type: Journal Article
Authors: Kriegstein, Arnold; Noctor, Stephen; Martínez-Cerdeño, Verónica
Year of Publication: 2006
Journal: Nat Rev Neurosci
Volume: 7
Issue: 11
Pagination: 883-90
Date Published: 2006 Nov
Publication Language: eng
ISSN: 1471-003X
Keywords: Animals, Biological Evolution, Cell Differentiation, Cell Division, Cell Lineage, Cerebral Cortex, Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental, Humans, Neuroglia, Neurons, Stem Cells

The dramatic evolutionary expansion of the cerebral cortex of Homo sapiens underlies our unique higher cortical functions, and therefore bears on the ultimate issue of what makes us human. Recent insights into developmental events during early proliferative stages of cortical development indicate how neural stem and progenitor cells might interact to produce cortical expansion during development, and could shed light on evolutionary changes in cortical structure.

DOI: 10.1038/nrn2008
Alternate Journal: Nat. Rev. Neurosci.