Thoughts on the future of great ape research

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CARTA-Inspired Publication
Publication Type: Journal Article
Authors: McConkey, E. H.; Ajit Varki
Year of Publication: 2005
Journal: Science
Volume: 309
Edition: 2005/09/06
Number: 5740
Pagination: 1499-501
Date Published: Sep 2
Type of Article: Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't
Publication Language: eng
ISBN Number: 1095-9203 (Electronic)00
Accession Number: 16141054 PMID
Keywords: *Genome, Animals, Genome, Genomics/trends, Human, Humans, Pan troglodytes/*genetics, Research

New York, N.Y.Science. 2005 Sep 2;309(5740):1499-501.