Anthropogeny Tracks: Volume 2, Issue 2

May 13, 2014

Welcome to the latest issue of Anthropogeny Tracks, a periodic newsletter about all things CARTA.

Anthropogeny Tracks – Volume 2, Issue 2

At the top of the list is the upcoming CARTA public symposium on "Male Aggression and Violence in Human Evolution", co-chaired by Christopher Boehm (USC) and Richard Wrangham (Harvard), which has already generated interest (and RSVPs!) via CARTA Director Ajit Varki’s recent interview on KPBS Radio’s Midday Edition; listen to him now.

Next up, you’ll learn about CARTA’s Anthropogeny Specialization Program through the first-hand accounts of the latest anthropogeny graduates. Here they reflect on the influence of the course on both their research direction and their outlook on life.

The newsletter wraps up with an impressive and diverse selection of recent publications from our members about their CARTA-inspired research.