CARTA is #1 on UCSD-TV's Top 20 of 2014

Dec 18, 2014

UCSD-TV announced today the top 20 programs (out of hundreds) that were debuted in 2014.  Topics ran the gamut from health to climate change to human origins!

CARTA was thrilled to see that its symposium on "Birth to Grandmotherhood: Childrearing in Human Evolution," which took place in February 2014, topped the list with over 2 million webpage hits and counting!  And coming in at #4 on the list was another CARTA symposium, namely "Male Aggression and Violence in Human Evolution."  It took place in May 2014 and has attracted 1.3 million webpage hits to date.

Viewership of CARTA's symposia continues to escalate as more videos come online and as awareness of CARTA increases.  In just 5 years, the total number of hits, for all symposia combined, has topped 20 million!  To see a list of CARTA's symposia, both past and future, please visit this webpage on the CARTA site.