More Than 2 Million Hits for CARTA Public Symposia Videos in Two Years

Aug 31, 2011

CARTA, the UCSD/Salk Institute Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny, is proud to announce that its human origins symposium series has now been viewed/downloaded more than 2.3 million times through the UCSD-TV and UCTV websites and UCTV's popular YouTube and iTunes-U channels. Viewership continues to grow by leaps and bounds with an average of more than 134,000 views each month.  CARTA first partnered with UCSD-TV in 2009 to bring its public symposia to the airwaves and internet.  Since then, this fruitful collaboration with UCSD-TV has given CARTA a greater presence as a leader in the study of human origins.

CARTA started more than a decade ago as a small group of faculty that were interested in scientific explanations for the origin of humans. Membership and interest in CARTA's transdisciplinary and collaborative approach soon grew, as did the desire to share these perspectives with the public.
CARTA began hosting public symposia in 2004, where scientists from varied disciplines come together to talk about their research as it pertains to themes reflected in the title of each symposium, such as "Language - A Key Human Trait,"; "The Evolution of Human Altruism,"; "Understanding Human Origins: Implications for Medicine,"; and the upcoming October 2011 symposium, "Uniquely Human Features of the Brain."
The public CARTA symposia are geared towards anyone with an interest in understanding the origin of the human phenomenon, or what is unique about our humanness. Upcoming symposia include "Uniquely Human Features of the Brain" on October 7th and "The Upright Ape: Bipedalism and Human Origins" on December 16th. Both symposia will be made available on UCSD-TV shortly thereafter at, where all the videos from the CARTA series can be found online. For more details about CARTA, please visit
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