[NOW ONLINE!] Videos from CARTA's public symposium, “Impact of Infectious Disease on Humans & Our Origins,” have been posted

Jun 1, 2020

Did you miss CARTA's online public symposium, “Impact of Infectious Disease on Humans & Our Origins,” that took place on Saturday, May 16, 2020? Or would you like to view some of the talks again? Thanks to UCSD-TV, the video recordings of all the talks plus the Q&A are now accessible at the CARTA site at this address (simply click on the icon under "MEDIA" next to the talk of interest):


In the coming weeks, these same video recordings will become available at the following websites:

  • UCSD-TV: Here you will also find links to the UC-TV broadcast schedule in June for all the talks (divided into three 1-hr programs).
  • YouTube: Thanks to our generous supporters, high-quality closed captions will soon become available for all the videos posted on YouTube (in place of the initial auto-generated captions).
  • iTunes: Here you will find downloadable video and audio podcasts of the talks.

We invite you to experience these talks at any of these locations at your convenience. Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties in either locating or accessing the presentations.

We hope to see you again in Fall 2020 when we will present the first of a series of annual symposia focused on CARTA’s Matrix of Comparative Anthropogeny (MOCA). In the meantime, you may explore the current MOCA entries online on our website at https://carta.anthropogeny.org/moca.

From all of us at CARTA, thank you for your ongoing support!