MOCA Domain Leaders: 

This Domain lists topics related to Behavior, i.e., manner of conducting oneself in the external relations of life; demeanor, deportment, bearing, manners or the expression of an effort to adapt or adjust to different internal and external conditions.  

Domain Topics

There are 65 topics in this domain

Topic Name Topic Authors
Abuse of Other Animal Species MOCA Author
Accurate Overhand Throwing MOCA Author
Adult Play Robert Thomas
Aggressiveness Kiri Hagerman
Assisted Childbirth Wenda Trevathan
Aversion to Foul Odors MOCA Author
Care of the Infirm and Elderly MOCA Author
Cleanliness MOCA Author
Control of Paternity MOCA Author
Cooperative Action Jeremy Karnowski
Cooperative Breeding Sarah Hrdy
Deliberately Delaying Gratification Kiri Hagerman
Domestication of Other Animals Margaret Schoeninger, Andrew Somerville
Domestication of Plants Andrew Somerville, Margaret Schoeninger
Facial Expression of Emotional State Lisa Parr
Facial recognition Heidi Sharipov
Feasting Kiri Hagerman
Food Preparation Alyssa Crittenden, Margaret Schoeninger
Food Sharing Alyssa Crittenden, Margaret Schoeninger
Food Storage Linda Marchant
Grandparenting MOCA Author
Handedness MOCA Author
Home Base Alyssa Crittenden, Margaret Schoeninger
Homosexual Behavior MOCA Author
Incest Avoidance Laura Sancho
Infanticide Linda Marchant
Intentional Deception Robert Thomas
Inter-group Coalition Formation Whitney Friedman
Intra-group Coalitions/Alliances Whitney Friedman
Intra-Specific Aggression Whitney Friedman
Intraspecific Aggression Pascal Gagneux, Stephen Johnston, Jeremy Karnowski, Corinna Most, Hector Reynoso, Heidi Sharipov
Laughing Swati Trishal
Laughing Response to Physical Stimuli Linda Marchant
Long-range Transport of Materials Linda Marchant
Masturbation Landon Klein
Maternal Infanticide Corinna Most
Maternal Tolerance of Allomaternal Assistance Sarah Hrdy
Mechanical Multi-Tasking MOCA Author
Moral Sense Ben Cipollini
Nuclear Families Linda Marchant
Organized Gathering of Food Alyssa Crittenden, Margaret Schoeninger
Organized Hunting for Meat MOCA Author
Organized Scavenging for Meat Linda Marchant
Organized Warfare MOCA Author
Paternal Care MOCA Author, Rashmi Jejurikar
Peace-Making MOCA Author
Personal adornment Linda Marchant
Physical Abuse of the Young Ketan Thorat
Planning Ahead Linda Marchant
Reciprocal Altruism MOCA Author
Reconciliation MOCA Author
Repeated Practice of Tasks MOCA Author
Romantic Infatuation (Limerence) Camille Toarmino
Self-Injury Andrew Schork
Sense of Justice MOCA Author
Smiling Caroline Horton Lew
Social Importance of Dominance MOCA Author
Somnambulism Kyle Fischer
Symbolic Play Linda Marchant
Teaching Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Lisa Parr
Torture Landon Klein
Travel Between Dissimilar Environments Rachel Zarndt
Unnecessary Risk Taking Deepika Patel
Use of Containers Alyssa Crittenden, Margaret Schoeninger
Wound Licking Camille Toarmino