This Domain lists topics dealing with the structure or function of the nervous system.

Domain Topics

There are 55 topics in this domain

Topic Name Topic Authors
Adult Neurogenesis Leela Davies
Arcuate Fasciculus Size and Trajectory James Rilling
Association Cortex Size Todd Preuss
Astrocyte Morphology Matthew Boisvert, Todd Preuss
BDNF Receptor Expression MOCA Author
Brain Size Todd Preuss
Broca's and Wernicke's Areas James Rilling
Cerebellar Volume Caroline Horton Lew
Columnar Organization of V1 MOCA Author
Corpus Callosum Size James Rilling
Cortical Morphology Todd Preuss
Cortical Neuron Density, Synapse-to-Neuron Ratio Heidi Sharipov
Cortical Synapse Density Kari Hanson
Cortical Thrombospondin Expression Todd Preuss
Direct Cortical Projections to Brainstem Orofacial Motoneurons MOCA Author
Fingertip Sensory Nerve Endings Hector Reynoso
Frontal cortex Area 10 cytoarchitecture Caroline Horton Lew, Abhinav Yadav
Frontal Lobe Activation by Visual Stimulation Todd Preuss
Frontal Lobe Size Nicole Barger, Katerina Semendeferi
Global Pattern of Gene Expression in the Cortex Laura Sancho
Interneurons that Co-Express Parvalbumin and Calbindin Todd Preuss, Laura Sancho
Laminar Organization of Area V1 Todd Preuss
Left Occipital-Right Frontal Petalia Torque Asymmetry Ben Cipollini
Leftward Asymmetry of Broca's Area MOCA Author
Limbic Thalamic Nuclei Size Ben Cipollini
Magnocellular Retinal Ganglion Cell Size Todd Preuss
Mirror Neurons Erin Hecht, Todd Preuss
Morphometrics of the Amygdala Nicole Barger, Katerina Semendeferi
Motor Thalamic Nuclei Size Ben Cipollini
Number and Complexity of Cortical Gyrii Stephen Johnston
Number of Calretinin-Containing Pyramidal Cells in Cingulate Cortex Layer V Todd Preuss
Organization of Layer 4A of Area V1 Todd Preuss
Outer Subventricular Zone Stephen Johnston
Pattern of Gyrification Stephen Johnston, Hector Reynoso
Planum Temporale Cerebral Asymmetry William Hopkins
Planum Temporale Cortical Asymmetry MOCA Author
Predecessor Neurons in Cortical Development Pasko Rakic
Prefrontal cortex pyramidal cell morphology Caroline Horton Lew
Primary Visual Area Size Todd Preuss
Proportion of Pre- and Postnatal Brain Growth Heidi Sharipov
Protein Expression in the Amygdala Todd Preuss
Relative Size of Hippocampal Divisions Todd Preuss
Response Properties of Dorsal-Stream Extrastriate Cortical Areas MOCA Author
Sensory Thalamic Nuclei Size Ben Cipollini
Sialic Acid Content of the Brain Pascal Gagneux
Siglec Expression in Microglia Ajit Varki
Siglec-11 Expression in the Brain Dillon Chen, Ajit Varki
Siglec-16 Expression in the Brain Dillon Chen, Ajit Varki
Size of Dentate Nucleus James Rilling
Size of Sensory Thalamic Nuclei Ben Cipollini
Subregions of the Hippocampus Stephen Johnston
Thalamic Neuron Origins Pasko Rakic
Volume of Frontal Lobe White Matter Leela Davies
Volume of Temporal Lobe White Matter MOCA Author
Von Economo (Spindle) Cells Number and Size Camilla Butti, Patrick Hof